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Best Workplaces in Canada 2024: 100-999 employees

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100 – 999 EMPLOYEES

Legend: Best Workplace for 5+ years
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Best Workplace for 15+ years
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Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 883

Employee well-being is vital to Slalom’s culture and they are committed to mental health support. They provide a $2,000 Mental Health Practitioner Benefit, discounted rates, and 24-hour access to healthcare professionals via secure text or video chat.

Slalom Consulting employees

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 340

NVIDIA’s approach to benefits helps meet the diverse needs of their employees. NVIDIA also designates quarterly free days for employees – two fully paid extra days off per quarter when the whole company disconnects from work to recharge.

NVIDIA employees

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 282

Zynga’s benefits reflect their commitment to inclusivity and support for all. This includes a comprehensive benefits program covering extended health, dental, vision, paramedical, telemedicine, fertility treatment, mental health, and more.

Zynga Game Canada Ltd. employees

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 136

At Amilia they know that flexibility is important, that’s why they offer their employees the possibility of choosing their hours of work as well as the ability to work remotely and to condense their workweek for additional time off.

Amilia employees

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 450

Integracare has a unique and exclusive partnership agreement with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and is the only home health care company in Ontario that offers 100% of its caregivers free education in all five facets of dementia care as taught by the AST.

Integracare Inc. employees

Head office: Saskatoon, SK
Canadian headcount: 120

Cabana Days at Coconut Software is their version of the four-day workweek. They work regular business hours Monday to Thursday and then Fridays are flexible for catching up on work, professional development or spending time to recharge.

Head office: Edmonton, AB
Canadian headcount: 605

The Employee Experience Team at Jobber has a dedicated budget for unexpected gifts/events/surprises to engage the team throughout the year. Some items include a Summer Cookbook, Pet Madness Competition with winning bandanas, sweets, etc.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 150

At Spiria Digital, employees can take unlimited hours of personal health leave. This gives them latitude to determine if they’re up to the task and if not, they have unlimited hours to take care of themselves. This goes for mental health days, sick days, the loss of a close one, etc.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 107

Diff offers free lunch Tuesdays + snacks. Employees have access to a kitchen full of snacks and on Tuesdays they provide a warm lunch that changes weekly.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 456

The Achievers Employee Experience Platform is proudly used internally as well to create a culture of recognition and to facilitate connection and belonging between their people. Employees send social and points-based recognition for a job well done.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 267

SGGG Fund Services offers a hybrid approach to work that requires just two days per month in the office, scheduled in teams so that people can connect with their closest co-workers. From January to March working at the office is totally optional.

Head office: Kitchener, ON
Canadian headcount: 116

eCE has a Hybrid Workplace Policy where the office is open on an optional basis. Staff who want to go into the office are welcome to do so. There is no requirement to come in, and staff can choose to work completely remotely if that’s what works best for them.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 282

Resolver provides employees with an external learning account. Their people are allotted $2,000 annually for professional development and they collaborate with their coaches to identify learning avenues that align with their personal growth objectives.

Head office: Invermere, BC
Canadian headcount: 123

At Kicking Horse Coffee Co., they live and play in the mountains! As such, when the local ski hill has 25 cms of new powder, staff can take a day off to hit the slopes.

Head office: Quebec City, QC
Canadian headcount: 413

At GFT they invest in their people and provide a variety of learning opportunities. They have several skill development programs in place, some of which are custom-built in a bootcamp format, allowing them to offer curriculums for growing into roles quicker.

Head office: Scarborough, ON
Canadian headcount: 280

CMS Group hosts several team building activities to encourage networking, peer learning and relationship building. Some of the most recent experiences include axe throwing, outdoor barbeques, go-kart racing and painting workshops.

Head office: Oakville, ON
Canadian headcount: 230

Mentorship at Fengate Asset Management is provided through 10,000 coffees, an online hub which facilitates connections. The program includes 1:1 guided conversations, structured curriculum and opportunities to connect with leaders and subject matter experts.

Head office: BC
Canadian headcount: 800

The Employee Discount Travel Program at Fairmont Hotels provides employees the opportunity to stay and experience any hotel, resort or property at a discounted rate while on leisure travel. Employees can also make reservations for friends and family.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 703

Intuit Canada wants employees to be healthy in all aspects of life. They are eligible to receive up to $1,300 yearly to defray expenses related to their and their family’s well-being. Almost any expense related to physical, emotional, or financial well-being is eligible.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 187

SKYGRiD is a young company with employees who have diverse skills and experiences. In addition to formal training, they count on their employees to teach each other through teamwork and information sharing. If you want to learn, they are ready to teach!

Head office: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC
Canadian headcount: 172

A participatory culture infusing care, authenticity, belonging and growth is a primary corporate goal at ISAAC. They believe in the power of one team and they come together to achieve ambitious goals. Ther motto is ‘Be heard, move with purpose, enjoy the ride.’

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 153

Salt is intentional about hosting internal events throughout the year to keep all team members inspired, connected and engaged. One of their favourite Salt traditions includes an annual company-wide trip out of the country to celebrate their achievements.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 303

At Beyond they take a 360 approach towards their work, benefits and training in addition to their personal lives. They have a Mental Wellness committee, they offer the wellness app Headspace, and they offer 3 sick days and 2 personal days to support their people.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 303

BenchSci offers generous time off. Team members start with three weeks’ vacation and add one day per year of service, they have uncapped personal days, the office closes for two weeks for winter holidays plus they get every second Friday off in July and August.

Head office: QC
Canadian headcount: 490

Beenox offers great healthcare benefits including comprehensive group insurance, tools to support physical and mental health including Dialogue, a virtual telemedicine platform, and applications like AbleTo, Total Brain and Rethink for everyday challenges.

Head office: Halifax, NS
Canadian headcount: 440

The Life Loan at Admiral is their way of helping colleagues celebrate and cope with major life events. They provide loans of up to $3,000 to help with a wide range of circumstances and the gift is repayable over two years via nominal payroll deductions.

Head office: Vancouver, BC
Canadian headcount: 112

At Pixieset, they value playfulness and invest in fostering a fun environment for their team. This includes delightful surprises, department events, Survivor Fantasy League, and fun celebrations as well as their annual companywide Summer and Holiday Parties.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 107

Once a quarter MiQ hosts Unite Week where everyone comes together in Toronto for a week of business updates, team connection events, and learning. There is always a fun event like a Blue Jays Game, lots of good food, and time and space to connect.

Head office: Richmond, BC
Canadian headcount: 161

The Flexible Work Program at Boston Pizza is designed to encourage a good work-life balance for employees. The program allows employees to work remotely 80% of the time (calculated monthly) with 20% of the time in the office.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 610

With the Work From Home (WFH) Benefits program, StackAdapt employees in Canada receive an allowance for any WFH-related expenses such as a new desk, chair, ergonomic resources, etc. and they will receive an allowance every two years going forward!

Head office: Mississauga, ON
Canadian headcount: 214

With the Dollars for Doers/Company match program at Agilent, they match 1:1 their employees’ charitable donations. If employees volunteer outside of worktime, they earn ‘dollars’ that are given to the charity.

Head office: Saint-eustache, QC
Canadian headcount: 168

Bath Fitter seizes every opportunity to celebrate and recognize employees. Personal milestones are celebrated with meaningful gifts and monetary amounts, bonuses are given to celebrate years of service and they recognize employees that live by their culture.

Head office: Vaughan, ON
Canadian headcount: 438

At Mobile Climate Control they offer an RRSP DPSP matching program. This provides dollar to dollar matching of employee contributions.

Head office: Waterloo, ON
Canadian headcount: 265

Ansys Canada promotes a culture of development where they encourage all employees to take advantage of learning opportunities including self-directed learning, management development, individual training classes, team-building, and learning job-specific skills.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 141

Picton Mahoney prioritizes continuous improvement and innovation, investing in employees through extensive professional development initiatives. This includes a generous annual training allowance, a formalized mentorship program, and succession planning.

Head office: Waterloo, ON
Canadian headcount: 253

Within every engagement and feedback program, ‘the people’ are consistently cited as the top perk of working at Axonify. Truly their people are top of mind in all that they do because they know if they give their best, Axonifiers will continue to give theirs in return!

Head office: Markham, ON
Canadian headcount: 264

Hyundai Auto Canada focusses on team member development, where they emphasize that it’s a journey, not a destination. There is department training, tuition reimbursement, LinkedIn Learning, weekly SME sessions, career paths, mentoring and so much more.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 280

LinkedIn’s office at 16 York is state-of-the-art with many things on offer including complimentary breakfast and lunch made by onsite chefs, collaboration rooms, library, recording studio, music room, gym, quiet zones, games room and much more.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 500

Qualicare is committed to the growth and development of its employees through ongoing training and education opportunities. Whether it’s specialized certifications or career advancement, Qualicare supports employees in reaching their professional goals.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 574

Publicis Media offers employees $5,000 in wellness benefits (psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and more) and the parental top-up program provides six weeks of topping up government payment up to 100%.

Head office: Mississauga, AB
Canadian headcount: 322

Ryan is the award-winning flexible work program that allows employees to work where and when they are most efficient and effective. It allows team members to focus on results, not hours – empowering them to achieve professional and personal success.

Head office: Mississauga, ON
Canadian headcount: 240

The Be*Well Strategy at Whirlpool Canada educates, empowers and encourages employees to Be*Well. In 2023 they expanded flexible benefits to include flexible Fridays all year, a four-week sabbatical after five years of service, and two weeks work from anywhere.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 121

At Kitco they offer employees in most roles the choice to work in a manner that suits their preferences and circumstances, whether it’s at the office, from home, or both. They also offer generous vacation time, personal days and Attendance Reward days.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 106

Proof Strategies recognizes and rewards colleagues through their milestone trip rewards program. After five years with the company, an employee receives $5,000 towards a trip anywhere in the world, plus an additional week of paid vacation that year.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 477

Equinix encourages continued learning by employees in areas that enhance competencies and increase value to the business. They provide up to $5,000 per year for job-related courses, pre-approved degree programs, or other qualified courses.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 101

The Remote-First Working program at GlobalVision means all employees are free to live and work wherever they thrive.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 653

At Plusgrade, they integrate professional and personal life. Instead of focusing on daily work hours, they rely on effective performance and results management to foster a culture of empowerment, and cultivate trust between managers and employees.

Head office: Saint-Laurent, QC
Canadian headcount: 124

At Lundbeck the health and well-being of their employees is important. They reimburse up to $500 per year for expenses pertaining to the practice and equipment of sporting activities, or other activities contributing to psychological or physical well-being.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 130

Larochelle offers a careful welcome program for their employees and most are touched by the welcome they receive when they arrive. Particular attention is paid to the personal situation of each person, for whom integration often begins before their official arrival at Larochelle.

Head office: Burlington, ON
Canadian headcount: 317

DLL strives to make a profound impact in the community. In addition to corporate donations, all members receive two days yearly to volunteer, allowing DLL to maximize its impact on the community and enrich the employment experience for members.

Head office: Waterloo, ON
Canadian headcount: 842

As a company that recognizes diversity, Arctic Wolf has a flexible time-off policy that not only covers vacation, but also allows employees to take paid time off to celebrate the things that are important to them.

Head office: Montréal, QC
Canadian headcount: 177

Lamour Group gives employees five personal days every January to use as they wish. No doctor’s note, no justification – these are ‘no questions asked’ days. They also rollover vacations because they want employees to have their days and take time off!

Head office: Blainville, QC
Canadian headcount: 389

To support the professional development of their employees, Spi Santé Sécurité financially supports return to school and continuing education, and they strive, as much as possible, to fill their positions internally and promote opportunities for advancement.

Head office: Kelowna, BC
Canadian headcount: 184

At BigSteelBox Corporation every employee is eligible for a performance-related bonus or participates in a commission scheme.

Head office: Boucherville, QC
Canadian headcount: 110

Unifying work and play is important at Magnus 1946 Produits Chimiques Limité. As part of this, different activities are offered at lunch time such as yoga, crossfit, and various monthly physical challanges.

Head office: Quebec City, QC
Canadian headcount: 340

Because their team thrives on accountability and autonomy, flexible working arrangements are the new norm at Petal. They allow employees to choose their remote working preference up to the maximum flexibility that can be provided per their position.

Head office: Waterdown, ON
Canadian headcount: 728

Employees on parental leave at Stryker are eligible for an EI top-up payment for 26 weeks. Stryker also launched Returnity which is focused on educating, empowering, and supporting employees as they transition in and out of the business for a leave.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 800

The Organizational Effectiveness Program at Home Trust ensures a disciplined approach to monitoring and assessing yearly performance. Strategic goals are translated into measurable objectives resulting in balanced scorecards and clear measures of success for all employees.

Head office: Mississauga, ON
Canadian headcount: 292

At Giraffe they not only celebrate their team members, they also celebrate the families that support them on a daily basis. Every September they host a family fun day at Canada’s Wonderland and celebrate the extended Giraffe Family.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 440

Employees at Publicis enjoy 11 Publicis Days within the year. These days are paid days off outside of the ESA regulated stat holidays. These days are given in recognition for everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Head office: Cambridge, ON
Canadian headcount: 136

Reid’s Heritage Homes encourages team members to find balance. Their summer hours program, flexible work schedule and work from home opportunities allow employees to have more control over their schedules and accommodate unexpected situations.

Head office: Burnaby, BC
Canadian headcount: 977

For a more personalized and inclusive approach to time off, colleagues at Specsavers Canada have the flexibility to exchange a statutory public holiday for a day that holds personal cultural or religious significance to them.

Head office: Calgary, AB
Canadian headcount: 216

Vista Projects is a multi-discipline engineering and system integration firm that simplifies the digital transformation of industrial assets. A leader in data-centric project execution, Vista is known for engineering some of the most cost-effective energy processing facilities in North America.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 117

PROLINK is committed to DE&I and recent efforts have transformed their leadership team improving representation in many areas. This commitment provides role models for all people and provides limitless opportunities for success, recognition, and growth.

Head office: Vancouver, BC
Canadian headcount: 104

Push Operations is a remote-first company. Pushies can work from the downtown Vancouver office or remotely from any location across Canada, saving them time and money on commuting costs as well as allowing them to spend more time with their loved ones.

Head office: Baysville, ON
Canadian headcount: 105

At Lake of Bays Brewing Company, their philosophy is simple: make great beer, run a down-to-earth business, and have some fun while they’re at it! Their goal is to bring the community together through beer, great food and a love of the outdoors!

Head office: Whitby, ON
Canadian headcount: 390

Every September the 360insights team elects new Culture Ambassadors to take a deep dive into Culture, meet with the CEO and advocate for their peers as well as creating virtual, in-person and hybrid events to foster connection amongst Insighters.

Head office: Kanata, ON
Canadian headcount: 217

Employees at Wind River get five days of paid time off for volunteering as part of the company’s Wind Gives Back program. Plus, they get their birthday off.

Head office: Vancouver, BC
Canadian headcount: 300

Wesgroup deeply cares about the health and well-being of its people. Their benefits plan offers an array of wellness categories, they have group RRSP or TFSA programs, they offer free fitness classes weekly, five paid volunteer days, and much more.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 104

Trek designs, manufactures, and distributes bicycles and premium cycling apparel, parts, and accessories that are available from bicycle retailers throughout the world.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 325

With the Tarion Cares program, employees nominate a charity that is important to them for company support. Each month a new charity is profiled and employees come together for fundraisers, bake sales and other events that help make a difference.

Head office: Burnaby, BC
Canadian headcount: 380

Beedie is deeply committed to employee appreciation and community impact, Alongside the cherished Christmas Party, their summer celebration alternates between a Family Picnic and the iconic ‘Beedie Rocks’ concert that embodies their dedication to community.

Head office: Burlington, ON
Canadian headcount: 287

Metso Canada aims to integrate employee wellness into daily life. Aside from offering workshops, eLearning trainings, and other digital tools centered on well-being, the Burlington office features a wellness room and the Lachine office boasts a private gym and yoga room.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 340

Ensuring their employees are mentally, physically and financially well is a key component of Centurion’s culture. They provide a health spending account, a healthcare app for non-urgent medical assistance, gym discounts, bi-weekly yoga and meditation, and much more.

Head office: Cambridge, ON
Canadian headcount: 109

VanMar provides a structured Annual Bonus Program including loyalty bonus after three years of service to all employees. And the Deferred Profit Share Plan allows them to invest their annual bonus into an upcoming development project of their choosing.

Head office: Hamilton, ON
Canadian headcount: 367

Carmen’s Group team members nominate each other for living the company values, and awards and cash prizes are announced during the annual holiday event. This is a peer-to-peer nomination program and the comments are shared anonymously with staff.

Head office: North York, ON
Canadian headcount: 213

The Hybrid Work Policy at BlueCat gives flexibility to all employees to work remotely, in-office or a combination. In office, employees enjoy perks like free lunch, parking and public transit vouchers. Employees can also work abroad for up to 30 days per year!

Head office: Vancouver, BC
Canadian headcount: 114

Clarius provides a clear avenue for professional growth through their in-house leadership development program. Team members are also allocated $2,000 for professional development. This covers external courses, certifications, etc., and is available from day one.

Head office: Edmonton, AB
Canadian headcount: 140

At Inflexion Games, mental health and well-being are priorities. They offer 10 Wellness days yearly, Consult+ provides 24/7 access to medical professionals, and their dog-friendly office policy provides work-life balance and peace of mind for their four-legged friends.

Head office: St. John’s, NL
Canadian headcount: 276

Every month employees at Amal write messages of gratitude for something or someone within the organization. These messages are compiled by the CEO and emailed to all employees, with the submitters and recipients entered into a draw for $100 gift cards.

Head office: Burnaby, BC
Canadian headcount: 281

LMI has a number of wellness initiatives including an EAP, friendly mental, fitness and nutrition challenges, internal summer sports leagues (basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, lawn games and dodgeball), a fully equipped gym plus bike lockers and showers.

Head office: Vancouver, BC
Canadian headcount: 105

At SAXX community is important. Making the world a better place looks different for each team member, but they want everyone to have time to focus on creating change that is meaningful to them. That’s why they provide four paid days off per year to volunteer.

Head office: Calgary, AB
Canadian headcount: 143

RGO creates spaces that help people work, learn, heal, age, play, be inspired, and accomplish so much more. Their working showroom allows employees to move freely within RGO’s workspace to be inspired to do their best work.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 290

Swiss Re offers a variety of ways for families to access mental health services. There is unlimited access to virtual mental health counseling, benefits include $2,500 per person, plus a $1,000 annual spending account can be used for mental health support.

Head office: Oakville, ON
Canadian headcount: 148

Links2Care’s culture is highly collaborative and encourages open communication. They connect regularly through employee meetings, events, newsletters and they have an open door policy for discussing issues openly and listening to feedback on how they can improve.

Head office: North York, ON
Canadian headcount: 294

Mister Safety Shoes’ anniversary program, featuring thoughtful gifts and messages, recognizes all employees and celebrates them regardless of their tenure. Team members also have a monthly budget to acknowledge and thank their fellow teammates.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 146

At Humi, they have flexible start and end times so Humigos can get their work done when they are most productive. And, with Humi Long(er) Weekends, every Friday, they close their computers at 1:00pm allowing people time to focus on what matters most.

Head office: Burnaby, BC
Canadian headcount: 259

In 2023, Svante Technologies provided every employee with the opportunity to become a future shareholder and allow them to share in the organization’s future financial success.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 220

Visa allows employees to make an impact in ways that inspire them, whether that’s through volunteering, giving back or empowering those around them. Visa’s mission is to support their commitment to advancing inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth for everyone, everywhere.

Head office: Etobicoke, ON
Canadian headcount: 497

Employees at Abell Pest Control who go above and beyond receive PestPerks which can be redeemed for things like driving an exotic car on the race track, sky diving, bungee jumping, sturgeon fishing in BC, or towards hundreds of gift cards.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 235

Mental and physical wellness is a priority at Edelman. Employees enjoy generous wellness benefits, a Calm app subscription, up to 20 free counselling sessions yearly, and they have a dedicated internal Livewell team made up of certified mental health first aiders.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 356

Given the diversity of their workforce, Assurant offers a Cultural Heritage Floating Holiday that enables all employees globally to take a day to observe and reflect on an event or occasion relevant to their own personal cultural heritage.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 131

Being part of Team Canada’s Mission Team at an Olympic Games is a dream for many. While 60% of COC employees automatically go to the Games, the rest can apply for opportunities to work and wear the famed Team Canada clothing from partner lululemon.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 479

Smith + Andersen’s non-hierarchical structure empowers employees at all levels. The way they approach projects, the informal coaching and on-the-job mentoring, the relationships between offices and leaders – their firm is designed to encourage career growth.

Head office: Lindsay, ON
Canadian headcount: 212

The Commonwell’s flexible work policy includes flexible location and flexible time. With flexible location, people can work from any office or remotely up to five days per week. Flexible time lets employees choose their work hours within a 35-hour work week.

Head office: Huntsville, ON
Canadian headcount: 404

Every five years TULLOCH sponsors a trip for their staff and families. In the past these have ranged from weekend getaways to a week-long trip in Orlando, Florida. These vacations allow them to relax and have fun with colleagues across the organization.

Head office: Markham, ON
Canadian headcount: 637

MBI Brands offers benefits and perks that support their employees on their health and wellness journey. In addition to extended health, dental and vision, employees also have access to an EAP, an onsite gym, discounted gym memberships and a dedicated fitness coach.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 901

The Path to Promotion program at RSM is designed to align with their strategic pillar of driving an unrivalled inclusive culture and talent experience. It addresses requests from employee network groups to ensure people know about the path to promotion and partnership.

Head office: Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
Canadian headcount: 173

Medium transformer manufacturer located in Quebec.

Head office: Toronto, ON
Canadian headcount: 564

Employees at Score Media and Gaming get a paid day for their birthday. If their birthday falls on a date they would not normally work, they can use it on a different workday.

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