May 21, 2024

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At Money 20/20 Europe, Livia Benisty, Chief Business Officer at Banking Circle, unveiled the transformative shift happening in the B2B financial ecosystem.


Banking Circle, a fully licensed next-generation payments bank, is dedicated to meeting the global banking and payments needs of payments businesses, banks, and marketplaces. Their overarching mission is to enhance efficiency and reduce costs associated with cross-border transactions and payments in general. Livia emphasised the industry’s commitment to innovation to elevate services, prioritising speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in alignment with the company’s objectives.


Fintechs, merchants, and SMEs are increasingly demanding a broader range of services. Banking Circle surveys reveal that fintechs, merchants, and SMEs are seeking value-added services from their payment providers. These services encompass convenient features like direct tax payments, a diverse selection such as Request-to-Pay or BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later), and even marketing assistance.


Merchants are actively seeking digital solutions as they transition to online platforms, desiring a comprehensive hub for all their needs. They seek primary relationships with multiple fintechs, PSPs (Payment Service Providers), and acquirers, a role traditionally fulfilled by banks.


Additionally, Livia highlighted the evolving ambitions of fintechs, as they venture into providing banking services. Banking Circle serves as a solution to address the challenges related to development and administrative costs.


Join our conversation with Livia at Money 20/20 to delve deeper into this fascinating topic.

About Livia Benisty

Livia Benisty is Chief Business Officer at Banking Circle, the bank that is changing the way cross-border payments operate. With 16 years of experience in financial services and new payment technologies, Livia believes that by understanding risk, the fundamentals of delivering a faster and more cost-effective payment platform can be achieved for greater financial inclusion.



About Banking Circle

Banking Circle is a fully licenced Payments Bank that delivers fast, low-cost global payments and banking services by connecting to the world’s clearing systems – enabling payments businesses, Banks, and Marketplaces to move liquidity in real-time for all major currencies securely and compliantly. For more information, visit



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