May 21, 2024

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FPT & NVIDIA partner to develop AI & Cloud services hub

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FPT, the global IT firm, announced its collaboration with NVIDIA to establish a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for AI and Cloud services. These services will comprise AI products, GPU infrastructure, tech experts, and domain expertise and will be made available to clients in Vietnam and across all of FPT’s operational territories.

As a part of the alliance, FPT will invest an amount of USD $200 million into building an AI factory equipped with the latest NVIDIA technologies, with a strong focus on generative AI, autonomous driving, and sustainability. The broader goal is to position Vietnam as an emerging AI hub, further develop AI applications, and foster a skilled workforce for the future.

According to the agreement, FPT will join the NVIDIA Partner Network as a Service Delivery Partner, with future plans to evolve into a Global Systems Integrator. The key sectors of focus for this initiative will be the automotive, manufacturing, and financial services sectors.

This collaboration between FPT and NVIDIA represents a strategic endeavour to expand advanced AI and cloud-service capabilities on a global scale. FPT will initiate the building of AI factories to enhance AI research and development, and to create AI applications and solutions. These will mainly emphasise generative AI, autonomous driving, and the green transformation for sustainability. This initiative enables FPT’s vision to transform Vietnam into an AI nation and fast-track the adoption of AI applications throughout Asia, particularly in Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.

The AI factory is designed to provide cloud GPU services, thereby assisting FPT’s global corporate clientele to access core resources that improve research capabilities, accelerate the speed of AI applications, and realise breakthroughs in enhancing productivity and customer experience. It will also aid in the construction and development of FPT’s high-value AI platforms and applications across multiple industries.

Moreover, FPT aims to exploit the full potential of NVIDIA’s advanced products and technologies to develop custom cloud services, hardware, software, and most crucially, generative AI solutions. FPT will offer end-to-end generative AI services, with a focus on three critical verticals: automotive, manufacturing, and banking and financial services. This venture will empower businesses to unlock new levels of productivity and automation, enhance FPT’s AI Labs, and introduce new software frameworks.

Furthermore, FPT’s education group will incorporate NVIDIA’s programs into various educational curriculums and activities, training programs, and lab facilities across university and high school levels. The goal is to strengthen the AI workforce and reach a minimum of 30,000 students within the next five years.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT Corporation Chairman and Founder, emphasised FPT’s dedication to Digital Transformation, AI, Cloud, and Education. He said, “FPT is committed to strengthening our R&D competence and establishing a comprehensive platform for state-of-the-art products and services built on AI and Cloud that exceeds global demands, working towards turning Vietnam into an AI hub of the world through collaboration with NVIDIA in technology, business development, and training.”

Similarly, Keith Strier, NVIDIA Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiative, added, “FPT is working with NVIDIA to empower organisations across Vietnam to drive transformation, helping the country become an AI nation.”


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