May 18, 2024

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Free entrepreneurial workshops available for First Nations women and girls in remote WA

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First Nations women and girls in Broome will now have access to free entrepreneurial workshops facilitated by Academy for Enterprising Girls, in partnership with Make It Happen HQ.

The two programs offered by the organisations are expected to reach around 250 school-aged girls in the remote Western Australian town. The initiative aims to create better and more accessible entrepreneurial pathways for young people.

Fleur Anderson, a spokesperson from the Academy for Enterprising Girls, said the organisation is thrilled to partner with the female-led, First Nations organisation, Make It Happen HQ.

“We know the gender bias experienced by women in entrepreneurship and STEM takes root in girls as young as high school, but the hurdles along the career pathways of First Nations girls and those in regional and remote Australia are even higher,” Anderson said.

“Partnering with Make it Happen HQ allows the Academy for Enterprising Girls’ free entrepreneurship program to reach even further across Australia, delivered by locals who know what it is to face hurdles and transform them into opportunity and growth.

“We must actively create more opportunities for girls and create a new wave of female entrepreneurs to drive the economic and social growth of Australia.”

Make It Happen HQ was founded in 2015 by First Nations entrepreneur and Yawuru/Bunuba woman, Adele Peek. The all-female-led First Nations innovation hub and think tank supports young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the entrepreneurial sector.

Adele Peek said entrepreneurship is a core part of Australia’s First Nations’ history, and Indigenous people, particularly women, should be supported to tap into that history.

“It’s important to remember Indigenous Australians are descendants of the first entrepreneurs,” Peek said.

“We are not starting from nothing, we are tapping into the wisdom, heart and knowledge that has come before us. It’s for this reason that MIHHQ is dedicated to ensuring Indigenous entrepreneurs, particularly young women and girls, have the knowledge, tools and support they need to continue on the entrepreneurial legacy of our ancestors.

“Indigenous girls in remote areas must be given the opportunity to access community leaders who will instill belief in their natural skills to build their confidence to pursue entrepreneurship as a career path, and we are proud to be a part of this initiative.”

Academy for Enterprising Girls and Make It Happen HQ will work with schools across Broome to help cultivate design-thinking, entrepreneurship and business skills for First Nations girls at school. The programs will allow participants to feel confident heading into their entrepreneurial futures.

Broome Senior High School Principal Matthew Burt said he is looking forward to getting the program up and running for his students.

“It’s inspiring to see initiatives like this aiming to empower Indigenous youth, particularly young women, in the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation,” Burt said. 

“I’m excited about the opportunity for our school to be involved in such a meaningful project. Supporting Indigenous female students in developing their entrepreneurial skills aligns with our values of diversity, inclusion, and empowering students to explore various career paths.”


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