May 18, 2024

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Inland Technical Services Ltd. is Commissioning a New, Energy-Efficient Future

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Luke Buis, Managing Director at Inland Technical Services Ltd.

KELOWNA – For Luke Buis, Managing Director at Inland Technical Services Ltd., doing your job right means fostering good communication with all project teams to resolve issues before they become barriers. As a commissioning and balancing expert, Buis and his team serve behind the scenes by dissolving obstacles and putting client needs first and foremost.

“We consider ourselves an ally for construction teams as we are trying to mitigate as many problems as possible during the construction phase so that a quality building can be delivered with less call backs, less complaints and a superior final product,” said Buis.

With offices in Kelowna and Kamloops, Inland Technical Services Ltd. (ITSL) has been specializing in building systems commissioning (Cx), air and water systems testing and balancing (TAB), and operations and maintenance manuals since 1986.

The company has balanced and commissioned some of the most technologically advanced buildings across BC and continues to take on some of the most complex building assignments.

ITSL has specialized in commissioning health care facilities, where the company gained valuable experience in integrated systems testing.

New forms of testing are emerging all the time, such as the CAN/ULC S1001 Standard for Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, which is now required on all new construction projects. ITSL always stays up-to-date and on top of the most current and useful testing requirements.

Team building and some much needed rest and relaxation in Naramata, BC.

As demand continues to grow and buildings continue to become more complex, the need for ITSL’s services is stronger than ever.

“There are institutional projects, new schools are being built, and particularly in Kelowna and Kamloops, we are seeing an increase in high-rise buildings and a demand for multi-family residential, so those all require our services,” said Buis.

“Buildings are becoming more complicated with more interconnected components that need to be tested and documented,” said Buis. “Energy efficiency is becoming more prominent as an issue and as operating costs are a concern for building operators, we consider that our bread and butter.”

Buis feels motivated each day by sustainability and understands his unique placement to rectify some of the past problems and create a better, more beneficial future for buildings and the occupants inside them.

“My drive is to produce energy efficient buildings and always make sure that we are delivering quality projects, that is what keeps me going in this industry, as well as my spectacular, highly-motivated team” said Buis. “Energy efficiency is crucial to the future of sustainability and quality of life in this country, and we are united in our passion to provide.”

Another component of commissioning that Buis is passionate about is recommissioning old buildings and improving projects without major equipment upgrades or capital. Buis notes that “buildings consume around 30% to 40% of total energy in North America,” and that proper commissioning can reduce this number significantly.

“Every effort we make to improve the built world around us is positive,” said Buis. “Just like a car, a building may be old, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be tuned-up and improved upon,” says Buis.
The ITSL team prides themselves on their reputation and Buis is eager to continuously improve ITSL’s services. By assisting new and existing clients across BC, particularly in Kelowna and Kamloops, with their unmatched expertise and drive, ITSL will prove they are one of the most reliable and trusted commissioning companies in the country.





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