May 21, 2024

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MGS launches Global Engineering Services Group

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MGS has launched its Global Engineering Services Group which brings together more than 85 engineers and 200 toolmakers globally, enabling pharma, diagnostic and medtech innovators to quickly take healthcare projects from idea to validated product, process, and production cell setup.

This follows on the heels of planned strategic acquisitions to increase the company’s front-end engineering skills and global capacity across North America and Europe. 

According to Paul Manley, MGS president & CEO, said: “Our Global Engineering Services Group is a critical link in meeting growing demand from leading healthcare companies for holistic manufacturing solutions from concept through delivery. We know from our roots in toolmaking that world-class manufacturing is dependent on early product development and design that supports innovative tooling and automation solutions with early insights into the production process.” 

Product development and design engineers draw on competencies in R&D, regulatory compliance, quality, and project management to achieve faster time-to-market and significantly reduced risk with a seamless transition to tooling. Setting the benchmark in technology and mould making innovations, MGS’ global tooling team successfully delivers hundreds of precision injection moulds each year with capacity to quickly scale large programs. 

The company’s global tooling capacity expanded to more than 200 toolmakers through recent acquisitions in Europe. In Europe alone, more than 120 skilled toolmakers and mould designers in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium give customers local and regional access to MGS’ unmatched tooling capacity. Tools and moulding processes are validated in dedicated centres in Denmark and the U.S where ISO 13485-certified environments offer “plug and play” space for customer injection moulding machines and automation setup. 

A unique area of expertise and craftsmanship for MGS, custom automation technologies leverage decades of manufacturing experience to create and design scalable automation solutions that drive robust and quality-controlled manufacturing processes to deliver and maximise ROI. End-of-arm tooling (EOAT), proof-of-concept, press-side, decoupled indexing, and continuous motion systems round out MGS’ full scope of automation solutions. 

Manley added: “The success of our Engineering Services Group is really measured in our ability to manufacture the highly critical, high-precision products that leading pharma, diagnostic and medtech companies count on to gain a competitive advantage. This means driving manufacturing productivity, repeatability, and cost savings. We can only achieve that manufacturing goal when product design, tooling and automation set us up to accomplish it. That’s why I’m so excited to see the impact that this new global engineering services group will have on customer outcomes.” 


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