May 18, 2024

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ZAG Technical Services releases new cybersecurity assessment solution

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San Jose, Calif., April 2, 2024 – ZAG Technical Services (ZAG) BB #:365534, an award-winning IT consulting firm, specializing in information technology, cybersecurity, and data analytics in the Ag and Food & Beverage industries, has announced the release of a new service offering promoting cybersecurity strength that is more accessible to growers and shippers.

The new offering is a comprehensive IT Security Review Solution. The cybersecurity assessment is a strategic safeguard that minimizes the risk your harvest will be interrupted by cyber threats. As a result of the assessment, users can expect to learn how prepared they are for a cyber incident, receive assistance prioritizing vulnerabilities and needs, and receive assessment results that internal IT teams can address.

“We understand this industry well and the challenges facing today’s grower/shipper, including labor shortages, resource scarcity, challenging margins, and cyber threats,” shared Greg Gatzke, president of ZAG. “Our updated IT Security Review Solution takes a great step toward securing the food supply chain by offering a mid-level solution for those seeking to secure their IT systems.”

The comprehensive assessment includes:
• Executive report detailing your cybersecurity preparedness status
• A prioritized list of vulnerabilities that should be fixed
• Reports that your internal IT team can use
• Plus, comprehensive pre/post-remediation advice

The assessment provides clients with a clear understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities within their cybersecurity framework. This understanding lights a clear path to improving the overall stability and health of their information technology and therefore, their bottom line.

“It’s like a routine check-up for your IT, ensuring stability and security during your busiest season, Gatzke added. “The average ransomware payout is around $600,000 and that does not include unfilled orders, inability to produce for days, and lost business. We are working to change that.”

ZAG has made the assessment more accessible to grower/shippers by offering multiple assessment levels depending on needs and without additional contracts or commitments required. “Securing our food supply chain is a top priority,” Gatzke remarked. “We know cybercriminals have deliberately targeted ag companies during harvest, their busiest time, to inflict maximum damage and receive maximum payouts.”

The launch comes on the heels of a couple of big months for ZAG being honored by three separate organizations with awards for their work and contributions as trusted technology advisors in agribusiness.

“We are honored for the recognition but are truly passionate about what we do,” commented ZAG’s Director of Client Strategy, Patrick Day. “Our food supply chain is our lifeline, and we are mindful of that every day and on every project.”

With deep roots in agriculture, ZAG has always had a passion for optimizing and securing the food supply chain. For more information on Security Assessments or for assistance with IT and cybersecurity needs, contact ZAG at

About ZAG Technical Services
ZAG Technical Services, Inc. (ZAG), is an award-winning IT consulting firm and managed services provider (MSP) for the agribusiness industry specializing in cybersecurity, data and software services, and modern infrastructure. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices in Salinas, Calif. and Boise, Idaho, ZAG employs 140 U.S.-based IT experts in 22 states serving clients in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as the premier provider of information technology for agribusinesses, keeping your company and every team member online and working 100% of the time.

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